Store Locations

Andersen AFB

Base Facilities

Main ExchangeBldg. 24016
Main Exchange(671) 653-1136 ext 110
(671) 653 1141
Mon-Sun 0930-2030
Holidays as advertised
Located Inside the Exchange Mall
Stripes - The Alterations Place
(671) 653-8595
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun closed Closed
Holidays as advertised
Barber Shop
(671) 653-8599
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Stylique Salon
(671) 653-8598
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Petals & Bloom
(671) 653-7200
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Vitamin World (671) 653-2547 Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
IT&E (wireless/paging and internet services)
(671) 922-1000
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
GTA Communications(671) 671-1513 or 1552 Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Docomo Pacific(wireless/cable/internet and phone services)
(671) 688-CARE
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Dive Shop (671) 654-2933 Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
The Spa
(671) 653-7858
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Computer Repair(671) 653-7669 Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Tropical LivingFurniture
(671) 653-8288
Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Exchange New Car Sales(671) 653-3155 Mon-Sun 1000-1900
Holidays as advertised
Class Six
Bldg. 25005
Class Six/Express
(671) 653-8143/8144
Mon-Fri 0600-2200
Sat-Sun 0800-2200
Holidays as advertised
National Guard Gas Express
(671) 734-1409/ 1410
Mon-Sun 0600-2100
Holidays as advertised
National Guard Express
(671) 734-0902
Mon-Fri 1000-1800
Sat-Sun 0900-1700
Holidays as advertised
Other Facilities
Auto Skills Center

Welding Room, 3 Car Lifts, Paint Booth, Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, Steam Parts Washer & Car Wash

Bldg. 26051
(671) 366-2745
Mon-Sat 0900-2000
Sun Closed
Holidays Closed
Car Care Center

Tire Service (rotation, balancing, mounting, repairs), oil change, battery installation, electrical and brake checks

DSN 366-5920
Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
AMC Terminal/ National Car Rental(671) 653-RENT (7368)
Car Rental
Bldg. 17002
Mon-Sun 0800-1800
Bldg. 22021
671) 366-2264
Sun 0700-1900
Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 0700-1900
Military Clothing
Bldg. 24016
(671) 653-8624
DSN 366-8518
Mon-Sat 0900-1900
Sun & Holidays Closed
Burger King Express & Drive Thru
Bldg. 27030
(671) 653-0782
Mon-Fri 0600-1900
Sat-Sun 0700-1900
Drive Thru  
Mon-Fri 0600-2000
Sat-Sun 0700-2000
Gas Express/ Car Wash (671) 653-4677
DSN 366-6326
Daily 0600-0100
Holidays as advertised
Daily 24 Hour Car Wash
Youth Center
Bldg. 1622
Mon-Sat 1200-1700
Sun Closed
Rec hours: Mon-Fri 1400-1800
Rec hours: Sat 1200-1800
Rec hours: Sun Closed
Sunrise Conference Center
(671) 366-4653
Mon-Fri 0700-1830
Sat-Sun 0630-1830
Skills Development Center

Sales Store, Award/Engraving Shop, Framing Shop, Wood Shop, Printing/Silk Screen Shop, & Ceramics Shop

Bldg. 25006
Tue-Fri 1000-1800
Sat 1000-1700
Sun & Mon Closed
New Car Sales
Bldg. 25006A
Fax# (671) 632-4340
Mon-Sat 1000-1700
Sun Closed
Harley Davidson/Chrysler
Fax# (671) 632-4340
Mon-Sun 1000-1700
Bldg. 24016
GM Office
(671) 653 6210
DSN 366-3103
FAX (671) 653-5806 
Mon-Fri 0800-1700
HR Office
DSN 366-3143
FAX (671) 653-5806
Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Finance & Accounting Office (671) 653 2240
Mon-Fri 0730-1600

Saipan - Northern Mariana Islands

Saipan Troop Store
Troop Store

Merchandise: Small traffic appliances, beverages/spirits, Health and Beauty, Linen/Domestic, food, candies & snacks

Bldg D & E
Mon-Fri 1100-1800
Sat-Sun 0900-1600


Donald Basil

Donald Basil
General Manager
Andersen AFB

Welcome to Andersen AFB

On behalf of the staff at the Guam/Saipan Exchange, I would like to thank you for inquiring about your facilities. Andersen AFB, Guam is home to the 36th Wing, Air Mobility Command's, 734th Air Mobility Support Squadron, Naval Unit Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Twenty-Five (HSC-25) and several other tenant organizations.

September 2008 we opened up your state of the art 181,000 square foot Shopping Complex. This facility has 81,000 square feet of retail space which triple the size of the old Exchange. This new shopping complex features Charley's Steakery, Subway, Popeyes, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts. A Concession Mall is also located in this facility and houses several shops to include; Vitamin World, Computer Repair Shop, Flower Shop, Rosewood Furniture, Dive Shop, Exchange New Car Sales, GTA Telecom, Docomo Pacific, ITE, Alteration Shop, Barber Shop, Beauty Shop and The Spa. Your Military Clothing Store (MCSS) is also located in the shopping center.

The Exchange is a proud sponsor of Airman/NCO/SNCO of the Quarter and Year programs. We also provide support for Newcomers, Re-Enlistment, Retiree Open House, and other installation events. We are the largest family member employer and contributed $2.4 Billion to Morale Welfare and Recreation programs for Military Community around the World in the last 10 years.

Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam is located on the north end of Guam, approximately 15 miles from the capital, Agana. Andersen AFB is in the village of Yigo, pronounced "Geego." There are plenty of recreational and travel opportunities which make Andersen a popular tour among the adventurous. Most tours are 36 months (accompanied) and 15 months (unaccompanied).

Our mission is to serve you and exceed any expectations you have when shopping at your store or dining in your restaurants. If for any reason we fall short, we urge you to use the customer comment program we have in every facility so we can make the necessary improvements. Better yet, ask to speak with a manager so we can take care of the problem on the spot. I also invite you to tell me directly how you feel about our Exchange, email

Thank you, it is a pleasure to serve you in this great place!

Donald Basil
General Manager
Guam Exchange