Store Locations


Main Exchange/ Military Clothing Store/ Exchange Restaurants/ Concessions

Bldg. 2465

Main Exchange Bldg. 2465
(509) 244-2832
FAX (509) 244-3548
Tue-Sat 0900-2000
Sun-Mon 0900-1900
Holidays 1000-1700
Military Clothing Store (509) 244-3324 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 1000-1700
Sun 1100-1600
Exchange Mobile Center (509) 244-8502 Tue-Sat 0900-2000
Sun-Mon 0900-1900

Commissary/ Class Six/ Starbucks

Bldg. 2464/ 2463

Commissary(Bldg. 2464)
(509) 244-3005
(509) 244-5591
Mon Closed
Tue 0730-2000
Wed 0730-1900
Thur 0730-2000
Fri 0730-2000
Sat 0730-1800
Sun 0800-1800
Class Six(Bldg. 2463)
(509) 244-2601
Mon 1100-1700
Tue-Sat 0900-1900
Sun 1030-1730
Starbucks(Bldg. 2464)
(509) 244-8389
Mon-Fri 0600-1700
Sat-Sun 0900-1400
Sushi Kyo & Teriyaki(509) 244-8499 Mon-Fri 1100-1700
Sat 1100-1500
Sun Closed
Stripes Alterations(509) 244-6348 Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun Closed
H & R Block(509) 244-7006


Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
Barber Shop(509) 244-2848 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1600
Stylique Salon(509)244-5380 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun Closed
GNC(509) 244-9948 Mon-Sat 0900-1900
Sun 1100-1700
Petals & Blooms (509) 244-5002 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun Closed
Optical Shop(509) 244-9729 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun Closed
Tankers Sandwiches(509) 244-6596 Mon-Sat 1100-1700
Sun 1100-1600
Holidays Closed
Tankers Pizza & More(509) 244-6596 Mon-Sat 1100-1700
Sun 1100-1600
Holidays Closed

Other Facilities

Express Bldg. 2383
(509) 244-5095
Mon-Sat 0600-2200
Sun 0700-2200
Clinic Espresso(509) 244-8369 Mon-Fri 0630-1400
Sat-Sun & Hoidays Closed
Burger King Bldg. 2459
(509) 244-2680
Mon-Fri 0600-2000
Sat 0800-1800
Sun & Holidays 1030-1630
Survival ExchangeBldg. 1252
(509) 244-9615
Mon-Fri 0700-1930
Sat 0900-1930
Sun 1100-1930

Auto Hobby Center/ Car Wash

Bldg. 2319

Auto Hobby Center(509) 247-2310 Tue-Fri 0800-1800
Sat 0900-1800
Sun-Mon & Holidays Closed
Car Wash(509) 247-2310 Seven days a week. 24 hours.

The Funspot: Bowling/ Winter Weather Permitting

Bldg. 2248E
(509) 247-2422

Bowling Mon 1000-1400
Tue-Thu 1000-2100
Fri-Sat 1000-2200
Sun & Holidays Closed

Chapel/ Child Development Center/ Pass & Registration/ Decals

Chapel Bldg 4200
(509) 247-2264
Catholic Service Sunday 0900
Protestant Service Sunday 1045
Child Development Center Bldg. 2500
(509) 247-2403
(509) 247-2408
Mon-Fri 0630-1730
Entry Screening Facility Bldg. 4203
(509) 247-5495
Mon-Fri 0600-2230
Visitor Pass: Sat-Sun TBD

Fairchild Community Center

Bldg. 2248

Community Center(509) 247-2619 Mon-Fri 0900-1700
& Holidays
Arts & Craft Center(509) 247-2810 Mon-Fri 0800-1700
Sat 0900-1700
Sun Closed
Engraving & Mementos(509) 247-2434 Mon-Fri 0800-1700
Sat Pickup Only
Sun Closed
Frame Shop Mon-Fri 0800-1700
Sat 0900-1700
Sun Closed
Info, Tickets & Travel(509) 247-5649
DSN: 657-5649
Fax: 244-3353
Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun & Holidays/ Family Days Closed
Pre-Teen Center @ Deel Center247-8043 click for hours
Teen Center @ Deel Center247-8043 click for hours
Leisure Travel(509) 244-4797 Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun Closed

Skills Developement Center/ Sports Range

Skills Development Center Bldg. 2185
(509) 247-3037
Sat 0700-2300
Sports Range(509) 247-5793
March Tues-Fri
Sat-Mon Closed
April-Oct Tues-Fri
Sun 0900-1500
Sat-Mon Closed
Nov-Feb   Closed

Other Services

HospitalBldg. 9000/ 9010
Appointments(509) 247-2631  
Mental Health Appts(509) 247-2731  
Aeromedical Services/Managed Care Office (Flight Surgeon)(509) 247-5755  
Tricare Service Center(509) 247-4333  
Armed Forces Bank
(509) 481-9780
Sun-Mon 0900-1900
Global Federal Credit Union (509) 244-9216 Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat 0900-1300
Sun Closed
Headquarters, 92 ARW Bldg. 2285
(509) 247-4051
Library Bldg. 2380B
(509) 247-5556
(509) 247-5228
Fri 1000-1730
Sat & Holidays Closed
Sun 1000-1830
Education CenterBldg. 2365
(509) 247-2348
Mon-Fri 0900-1500
Sat-Sun, Holidays
& Family Days
Equipment Check-out Bldg. 2249C
(509) 247-2511
Mon-Fri 0800-1700
Sat 0700-1200
Fairchild Heritage Museum
Closed for Relocation / Renovation
Military Family Housing Bldg. 2190
(509) 247-2341
(509) 244-6500
Mon-Tue 0730-1500
Wed 0800-1900
Thu-Fri 0730-1500
Sat-Sun Closed
The Airman & Family Readiness CenterBldg. 2365
Family Support Center:
(509) 247-2246
Family Services:
(509) 247-2696
Mon-Wed 0800-1600
Thu 0700-1500
Fri 0800-1600
Sat-Sun Closed
Family Camp
April-October(509) 247-2511(509) 244-3247 Seven days a week 24 hours
Fitness Center Bldg. 2379
(509) 247-2791

Open on Holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas

Mon-Fri 0500-2200
Sat-Sun 0700-2000
Lodging (Survival) (509) 244-3028 Seven days a week 24 Hours.
Lodging (Fairchild Inn) Bldg. 2392
(509) 244-2290
(509) 247-5519
Seven days a week 24 Hours.
Outdoor Adventure Center Bldg. 2447
(509) 247-5920
Wed Closed
Thu-Fri 0700-1800
Sat-Sun Closed
Outdoor Rec (Equipment Checkout)
(509) 247-5920
Wed Closed
Thu-Fri 0700-1800
Sat-Sun Closed
Warrior Inn Dining Facility Bldg. 2262
(509) 247-5348
Breakfast Weekdays 0530-0900
Brunch Mon-Fri
Sat-Sun 0700-1300
Lunch Weekdays
Sat-Sun 1100-1300
Dinner Mon-Fri
Sat-Sun 1600-1900
Midnight Meal Mon-Sun
Flight Kitchen(509) 247-2614 Seven days a week 0530-1900
Roger Ross Dining(509) 247-5553    
Breakfast Mon-Sun
Lunch Mon-Sun
Dinner Mon-Sun 1600-1900
Post Office Bldg. 644
(509) 244-6398
Sat 1000-1200
Youth CenterBldg. 2310
(509) 247-5601
Before/After School Programs Mon-Fri
0630-0830 &1515-1800
Sat-Sun Closed
Summer Hours Mon-Fri
Sat-Sun Closed

Clear Lake Rec Area


Clear Lake Rec Area Bldg. Cheney
(509) 247-2511
(509) 299-5129
May 1st-Memorial Day Tue-Wed
Thu-Mon 0800-1800
Memorial Day – Labor Day Mon-Sun 0800-2000
Labor Day – Mid April seven days a week Closed
Indoor (509) 247-2242 see website for hours of operation

Outdoor (509) 247-2242 see website for hours of operation
Wood Craft Shop (509) 247-5189 Tue-Fri
Sat 0900-1700
& Holidays
Veterinary Clinic (509) 247-2583 Mon-Thu
0900-1200 & 1300-1500
Fri-Sun Closed

PODS - Portable Storage Service

(866) 667-5593
Promo Code: EXCH


Mark Boyer

Mark Boyer
General Manager
Fairchild AFB

For over 100 years, The Exchange has a long tradition of bringing value to its customers. Recently we have developed a simple 5-chapter savings story titled We Save You Money Everyday! The Exchange employs a variety of checks and balances to ensure we remain competitive and to keep prices low at locations around the world. We'll prove it!

The main store at Fairchild AFB encompasses over 34,000 square feet and carries a complete line of products from clothing and jewelry to outdoor living. Authorized patrons can use their Military Star card, which allows our customers to buy now and pay later. The Military Star card is accepted at all Exchange activities.

The Exchange also operates a Burger King, Survival Exchange, Class Six, and Express. The Express stocks a variety of food items, picnic supplies, soft drinks, beer and wine coolers, and prepared sandwiches. The Express has 24-hour gasoline pumps and video rentals.

A variety of concessions operate inside the Exchange complex. They include a barber and a beauty shop, flower shop, optical shop, GNC store, alterations, Military Clothing Store and an electronics accessory store. The mall also houses an Exchange Restaurant area, which includes Anthony's Pizza, Charley's Steakery, Starbucks and Sushi Kyo & Teriyaki.

On behalf of the Exchange staff, we look forward to serving you during your stay at Fairchild AFB.

Mark Boyer
General Manager

For Your Information

Fairchild AFB has been an important part of the Inland Empire since 1942. The base took its current name in November 1950, in memory of the late Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General Muir S. Fairchild, a native of Bellingham, Wash. It began with the Spokane Army Air Depot on March 2, 1942. The War Department felt that Spokane offered better weather conditions and a mountain range that provided a natural barrier to possible Japanese attack. From 1943 until 1946, the base served as a repair depot for damaged aircraft returning from the Pacific Theater. In 1947, the base was transferred to the Strategic Air Command and assigned to 15th Air Force. The same year, the 92nd and 98th Bomb Groups arrived. Just a year later, the base received the second of its three official names: Spokane Air Force Base. In June 1992 the wing became part of the newly formed Air Combat Command and became the 92nd Bomb Wing. On July 1, 1994, the 92nd Bomb Wing was designated the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, and Fairchild AFB was transferred from Air Combat Command (ACC) to Air Mobility Command (AMC).

The wing is capable of maintaining an air bridge across the nation and the world in support of US and allied forces. All branches of the military are represented, with the largest being Fairchild Air Force Base with more than 4,500 military and 1,500 civilian employees. Annually, the military contributes over $411 million to the Spokane economy.

Fairchild Tenant Units: On March 1, 1966, the 336th Combat Crew Training Group was activated at Fairchild. In 1971, it became a wing and assumed control over all Air Force survival schools Survival School, The 336th Training Group. Their mission, "To safely prepare America's aircrews for global survivability anytime, anywhere, and return with honor."Other base tenants include DET 13, 373 TRS (AETC FTD), 2nd Support Squadron (ACC), 141st Air Refueling Wing (Washington Ang), and Air Force Office of Special Investigations, DET 322.


The most common way to approach Fairchild by car is on Interstate 90. Take exit 277, which leads to Highway 2. A sign at the exit also advises motorists to take Highway 2 to reach Fairchild. Travel on Highway 2 through the town of Airway Heights. The main gate to Fairchild will be to your left at the first traffic signal west of Airway Heights.


The Youth Center programs offered contribute to physical, emotional and social well being of the children at Fairchild. Youth programs include year-round sports (including T-ball and baseball, football, basketball and soccer) instructional classes such as gymnastics, karate and dance.


The Child Development Center provides services for dependents of active duty, retired military personnel and DOD civilian employees.


Located 13 miles south of Fairchild, Clear Lake Recreation area consists of 34 acres on a spring fed lake. This popular Fairchild site offers overnight accommodations in camping sites, scenic cabins and RV sites and areas for groups to hold summer picnics.


The Community Center offers a variety of activities and is open for use by all Fairchild members. Classes are offered in everything from cake decorating, oriental cooking, back-to-basic cooking, canning, music (voice, piano, guitar), fly tying and dog obedience. Various tours are offered throughout the year to include trips to the Grand Coulee Dam; Leavenworth, Wash.; Reno, Nev.; and the Edmonton Mall, Canada.


The Fairchild Family Funspot has 12 lanes of bowling with automatic scorers; a miniature golf course featuring nine holes all done in a tropical setting; roller skating arena and features a new skateboard park.


Located just off of Offutt Parkway on Galveston Ave. on the west side of the base, it provides 16 spaces for RVs and campers. Visitors can access the camp from the Graham Road gate, located just west of the main gate. Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. For more information call 509-244-3247 or 509-247-2511 (Outdoor Rec.).


Fairchild's base museum is currently closed. They will be building a new building to house the museum. The purpose of the museum is to recapture and illustrate the history, heritage, and traditions of Fairchild Air Force Base. The heritage of the base is historically entwined with that of Spokane's other military installations. Thus, the museum displays artifacts and memorabilia from various local military establishments, past and present.


The current library building was built in 2000. It offers leisure-time and information services. The on-line computer catalog is patron friendly, allowing for easy access to the collection.


Equipment Checkout provides sport and recreational equipment for Fairchild personnel. The Outdoor Adventure offers trips with the beginner adventurer in mind, but plenty of challenges for the most advanced outdoorsmen or women.


The Sports and Fitness Center athletic staff manages a wide range of programs for individual and team sports, intramural programs, self-directed activities and special events.


92ND Services operates a sports range at Fairchild, offering two skeet fields and two trap fields, a golf driving range and an archery range. It is open daily to all people authorized to use Services Squadron facilities.


Fairchild's indoor swimming pool is open year-round. The facilities also include a jacuzzi, a wading pool for children under age 6, locker rooms and showers. The pool staff offers swimming lessons, competition, open and special group swimming. The outdoor pool is open to all base personnel during summer months.


British Columbia borders Washington State on the north, on the south by Oregon, on the east by Idaho and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The topography of this land varies from golden wheat fields to snow-capped mountains, from massive forests to deserts, and from pristine lakes to raging rivers. The Cascade Mountains divides the state north to south, which are topped by four snow-capped dormant volcanoes. The state is a vast and varied region of rugged, sometimes awesome beauty, where great stretches of barren flatlands give way suddenly to awesome rock formations and sparkling waterfalls. The varied climate and terrain make it possible for residents to enjoy a wide variety of activities throughout the year. There are 76 lakes and four major rivers within a 50-mile radius of the city, offering all kinds of recreational activities.Dozens of these lakes are unknown except by residents and offer excellent fishing and swimming. The big lakes of Idaho are located just a short distance away.

Spokane is a city with four distinct seasons. About 70 percent of total precipitation falls between the first of October and the end of March and about half of that falls as snow. The growing season usually is from mid-April to mid-October. Summer weather is ideal for full enjoyment of the many mountain and lake recreational areas in the immediate vicinity. Winter weather includes many cloudy or foggy days and below freezing temperatures with occasional snowfall of several inches. Snowfall averages about 46 inches a year.


Major attractions include a museum of Spokane's early days, a museum of Indian history and artifacts, a tribute to former resident Bing Crosby and, typical of all Washington cities, plenty of nearby recreational activities. Spokane is still enjoying many facilities used during the 1974 World Exposition. The EXPO site, Riverfront Park, is in the tradition of Spokane's superior public park system. Located in the city's center, the park features museums, an opera house and a convention center. Lewis and Clark explored this region in 1805. There are six major hospitals offering open-heart surgery, cancer treatment, neo-natal care, kidney dialysis and heart/lung transplants. Major industries include: construction and mining; manufacturing; transportation, communication and utilities; finance, insurance, and real estate; health care delivery; and government. Nearby forests account for one-quarter of the world's white pine trees. There are nearly 31 million acres of commercial forests in the Spokane marketplace.