Store Locations


including area locations

 Camp Bondsteel ME

Main Exchange/Concessions

Main ExchangeBLDG 2212 B
DSN 781-3122
Daily 1000-2000
GM/Admin OfficeBLDG 2130C
DSN 781-5096/781-5095
Mon-Sat 0800-1700
Sun Closed
Burger KingBLDG 2213 Daily 0800-2000
Taco BellBLDG 2213 Daily 1100-2000
Anthony's PizzaBLDG 2213 Daily 1100-2100
Doner Kabab BLDG 2213 Daily 1100-2100
Thai Food BLDG 2213 Daily 1100-2100
Cool Beans CoffeeBLDG 2213 Daily 0800-2100
Antique Shop Daily 1000-1800
Music Shop Daily 1000-1800
Beauty Shop Daily 0900-1800
Barber Shop Daily 0900-1800
DSN Internet Service Daily 0900-1800
Alteration Shop Daily 0900-1800
Engraving Shop Daily 1000-1800
Press Shop Daily 0900-1800
Thai Massage Daily 1100-2100
Tailor Shop Daily 0900-1800
New Car Sales Tue-Sun 1000-1800

 Film City Pristina


Camp Film City
Retail Store
Daily 1000-1900
Burger King Daily 0800-1800
Anthony's Pizza Daily 1100-1800


Douglas E. Everett

Douglas E. Everett
General Manager

On behalf of the managers and associates, welcome to the Kosovo Exchange website. The Kosovo Exchange encompasses all AAFES operations in Kosovo. This includes locations at Film City and Camp Bondsteel. We are proud to offer an extensive range of goods and services as well as a taste of home to our deployed and permanent party soldiers, civilians and contractors.

We welcome your patronage and pledge to do everything possible to exceed your expectations while deployed here. We value your input on improving operations and customer service, if you would like to offer a suggestion, comment or compliment, please ask to speak to the facility manager or use a customer comment box located throughout the exchange. If you would like you may contact my office directly at DSN 781-3804/ 5095 or via email at:

Again, welcome to the Kosovo Exchange. We hope you have a safe and rewarding tour in Kosovo and we look forward to providing you the best possible service while you are deployed.

Douglas E. Everett
General Manager
Kosovo/ Bosnia Exchange