Store Locations


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Main Exchange/ Troop Store/ Military Clothing
Main ExchangeZone 1
DSN: 430-1357
Sat-Fri 0830-2300
Troop StoreZone 6
DSN: 430-7500
Sat-Fri 0800-2200
Military Clothing StoreZone 1
DSN: 430-7109
Sat-Fri 0800-2000
ExpressZone 2
DSN: 430-3299
Sat-Fri 0800-2000
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Arifjan Zone 1 - Food

Green Beans Coffee Sat-Fri 0600-2300
Subway Sat-Fri 0900-2300
Baskin Robbins Sat-Fri 0900-2300
Pizza Inn Sat-Fri 0900-2200
Burger King Sat-Fri 0600-2300
Hawaiian Ice Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Taco Bell Sat-Fri 0900-2300

Arifjan Zone 1 - Services

Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Braids More DSN: 430-3097 Wed-Mon 0800-1800
Tue Closed
Optical Center DSN: 430-3097 Sat-Fri 0900-1700
Flower ShopDSN: 430-2767
Sat-Fri 0900-1800
Basix (Shipping) DSN: 430-1398 Sat-Fri 0900-1800
Music Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Mall Vendors Sat-Fri 0900-2100

Arifjan Zone 2 - Food

Panda Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Hol-N-One Sat-Fri 0600-1400
Subway Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Green Beans Coffee Sat-Fri 0600-2000

Arifjan Zone 2 - Services

Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Beauty/ Spa 9937-9839 Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Mini Bazaar Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Basix (Shipping) Sat-Fri 0900-1800
Internet (Qnet) Sat-Fri 1000-2000
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Kang's Electronic Sat-Fri 0900-2000

Arifjan Zone 6 - Food

Pizza Hut Sat-Fri 0900-2300
Starbucks Sat-Fri 24/7
Subway Sat-Fri 0900-2300
Charleys Sat-Fri 0900-2300
Baskin Robbins Sat-Fri 24/7
KFC Sat-Fri 24/7
Hardees Sat-Fri 24/7

Arifjan Zone 6 - Services

Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Beauty/ Spa 9762-3877 Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Jewelry (inside the MS) Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Oakley Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Jewelry/ Souvenirs Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Carpet/ Furniture Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Exchange New Cars Sales Sat-Fri 1000-2000
Photo Shop/ T-Shirt Sat-Fri 0900-2000
Mink Blanket Sat-Fri 0900-2000

 Ali Al Salem

Branch StoreDSN: 442-2787 Sat-Fri 0900-2200

Ali Al Salem - Services

Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 1000-2100
Electronic Shop Tue-Sun 1000-2100
Beauty/ Nail Sat-Fri 1000-2100
Barber Shop Sat-Fri 1000-2100
Braids & MoreDSN: 442-2035 Thu-Tue 0800-1800
Wed Closed
Exchange New Cars SalesDSN: 442-8086 Mon 1000-1800
Tue Closed
Wed 1000-1800
Thu-Fri Closed
Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
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Branch Store DSN: 442-0257 Sat-Fri 0030-2330

LSA - Services

Watch Shop/ Sun Glasses Sat-Fri 0900-2400
Exchange New Cars Sales Tue-Sun 1000-1900
Mon Closed
Hip Hop Urban Clothing Sat-Fri 0900-1900
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 0900-1900
Beauty/ Nail/ Spa Sat-Thu 0900-2000
Cell Phone/ Accessories Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Jewelry Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Sports Apparel Sat-Fri 0900-2100


Main ExchangeDSN: 430-2462 Sat-Fri 0700-2200
TFE StoreCELL: 9985-3327 Sat-Fri 2300-2200
Buehring MFE DSN: 438-2462 Sat-Fri 0700-2200

Buehring Zone 1 - Services

Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Oakley Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 0900-2000

Buehring Zone 2 - Services

Basix (Shipping) Sat-Fri 0900-1800
Internet Qnet Sat-Fri 1000-2000
Cell Phone/ Accessories Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Engraving/ Coins T-Shirt Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Exchange New Cars Sales Sat-Thu 1000-1900
Fri Closed
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Gifts & Blanket Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Jewelry Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2000

Buehring Zone 4 - Services

Gift/ Carpets Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Photo Shop Processing Sat-Fri 0900-1900
Barber Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Beauty/ Nail Spa Sat-Fri 0900-2100
Alteration/ Embroidery Sat-Thu 0900-2100

 Kuwait Naval Base (KNB)

Main ExchangeDSN: 839-1080 Sat-Fri 0900-2200

KNB - Services

Barber/ Beauty Shop Sat-Fri 0900-2000


Branch Store DSN: 832-2531 Sat-Fri 1000-1900

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Eskan Village

Branch Store DSN: 448-4014/ 4016 Sat-Thu 0900-1900
Fri 0900-1800


Robert McNaire

Robert McNaire
General Manager
Kuwait / Saudi Arabia

On behalf of the Kuwait Exchange managers and employees, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Exchange. Our goal within the Exchange is to exceed our customers' expectations and actively engage the highest levels of customer service. We bring you a taste of home by readily providing the Exchange services and merchandise to deployed service members and eligible civilians in the Kuwait AOR. Our vision is to be our customer's first choice regardless where they are stationed.

Your Exchange operates on funds generated through sales of merchandise and services; not on tax dollars. The Exchange is entrusted to protect the earnings derived from its sales, monies which belong to U.S. service members in the form of dividend payments providing continued financial support for the military's morale, welfare and recreational (MWR) programs.

The Exchange is a multi-channel retailer, offering products to authorized customers via retail stores, catalog and online. Looking for a specific item? Check out where the Exchange benefit is extended to customers worldwide. We also have customer convenience program, The Exchange Mall online at, and our merchandise shuttle programs available from our sister stores throughout Kuwait.

If you have any questions or concerns, please take a moment to fill out a Customer Comment Card which is located near the registers, and drop the postage-paid card in the mail. If you prefer, you may contact me by clicking on the customer relations feedback or via email.

We work hard to provide the best possible service to our customers. We look forward to continually serving you the service member and supporting patrons in our camps around the OEF/OIF Theater. We value having you as a customer, and we depend on your continued support.

Robert McNaire
General Manager
Kuwait / Saudi Arabia
DSN 318-430-1168