Store Locations


including: McEntire ANG

Main Exchange/ Exchange Restaurants/ Concessions

370 Rhodes Avenue

Main Exchange
Main Store(803) 666-3050/ 3051 x 200 Reception Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1100-1800
Christmas Day Closed
Military Clothing Store(803) 666-3169 Mon-Fri 1000-1800
Sat 1000-1500
Sun Closed
Exchange Gas Kiosk (803) 666-3231 Mon-Sat 0800-1800
Sun 1000-1800
Exchange Restaurants (803) 666-3051 x 216 (Manager)
Taco Bell (803) 666-3051 x 141 Mon-Fri 1030-1900
Sat 1100-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Holidays Closed
Subway (803) 666-3051 x 142 Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 1100-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Dunkin Donuts (803) 666-3051 x 143 Mon-Fri 0700-1700
Sat 0930-1600
Sun 1000-1500
Burger King (803) 666-3051 x 144 Mon-Fri 0600-1900
Sat 0800-1900
Sun 1100-1700
Enterprise Car Rental (803) 666-3756 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 0900-1300
Sun Closed
Barber Shop (803) 666-4773 Mon-Fri 0830-1830
Sat 0830-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Beauty Shop (803) 666-2390 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Sunland Optical (803) 666-2011 Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
GNC (803) 666-9604 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Exchange Mobile Center(803) 666-2001 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Stitches 'n More (803) 666-2000 Mon-Fri 1000-1800
Sat 1000-1500
Sun Closed
Global Curiosity (803) 666-2006 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1700

Express/ Gas/ Class VI/ Firestone

105 Shaw Drive, Bldg 2

Express/ Gas/ Class VI(803) 666-4572/ 4508/ 3167 Mon-Fri 0600-2300
Sat 0800-2300
Sun 0900-2200
Firestone(803) 666-4120 Mon-Fri 0700-1800
Sat 0800-1800
Sun Closed

PODS - Portable Storage Service

(866) 667-5593
Promo Code: EXCH

 McEntire ANG Site Shoppette

McEntire ANG

1325 South Carolina Road
Building 157
Eastover, SC 29044

Shoppette(803) 647-8517 Mon-Fri 0800-1600
Sat-Sun Closed


Don Sydlik

Don Sydlik
General Manager
Shaw AFB Exchange

Shaw Air Force Base is located adjacent to Sumter, SC. "You will enjoy great temperatures and landscapes as tranquil as Swan Lake's Gardens with swans from around the world and Japanese Iris in May. A metropolitan city with a small town feel", centrally located between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west.

The Shaw AFB Exchange operates on funds generated through sales of merchandise and services, not on tax dollars. Each month a dividend is paid directly to Shaw AFB Services Squadron, which is a percentage of total sales, plus concession income. The remainder of the dividends is paid directly to the Air Force's Central Service Fund.

Victory by Valor

"Shaw Air Force Base is home to the Air Force's largest combat F-16 wing -- the 20th Fighter Wing -- whose mission is to provide, project and sustain combat-ready air forces. Shaw also serves as home to Headquarters Ninth Air Force and U.S. Central Command Air Forces (USCENTAF), whose primary mission is to project decisive air and space power for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and America."

On behalf of our managers and associates, we pledge to offer courteous and friendly customer service to our patrons, "The Best Customers in The World"!

Third Army

The Third Army began operations at Shaw AFB on 10 June 2011.

Third Army's main effort is to support the war fighters in support of Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom. Third Army is the Army's longest continuously deployed war fighting headquarters, operating from five distinct locations to include its main command post in Atlanta, Forward Command Post in Kuwait, ARCENT Support Element-Iraq, ARCENT Coordination Support Element-Afghanistan, and the command post-Shaw Air Force Base.

Facilities Service Information

The Base Exchange Shopping Complex houses the Main Exchange, Exchange Restaurants (Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, and Taco Bell), Military Clothing Store, a gas kiosk and 9 concessions. It is located at 370 Rhodes Avenue.

The Shaw Express (near the corner of Shaw Drive and Chapin Street) is located approximately one mile from the Main Exchange Complex. The Express provides a great selection of snacks, drinks, and convenience items, as well as Class VI items. A video rental machine is located at the Express.

The Shaw AFB Exchange operates 5 retail (including McEntire ANG Base) facilities, 4 food facilities, 9 concessions and 42 vending machines.

On behalf of our managers and associates, we pledge to offer courteous and friendly customer service to our patrons, "The Best Customers in The World"!

We appreciate your patronage and consider our Military and their families to be the Best Customers in the World!

Don Sydlik
General Manager