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Main Exchange/ Concessions/ Exchange Restaurants

Bldg. 685

Main Exchange/ Admin/ Military Clothing Store
Main Exchange(405) 733-4561
DSN 884-2641
Mon-Sat 0900-2000
Sun & Holidays 1000-1800
Admin Office(405) 734-3700
DSN 884-4813
Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Sat, Sun & Holidays Closed
Military Clothing Store (405) 734-5098
DSN 884-5098
Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 0900-1700
Sun 1100-1700
Holidays Closed
Firestone (405) 732-0769 Mon-Sat 0700-1900
Sun 0900-1600
Optometrist (405) 455-2587 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 0900-1300
Sun & Holidays Closed
Barber Shop(405) 732-5032 Mon-Fri 0800-1800
Sat 0800-1700
Sun 1100-1600
Holidays 1000-1700
Stylique Salon(405) 737-6509 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun Closed
Petals and Blooms (405) 737-3338 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun Closed
Holidays 1000-1700
Laundry/Dry Clean/Alterations(405) 737-5225 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 0900-1700
Sun 1300-1700
Holidays Closed
Optical Shop(405) 732-7484 Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1200-1600
Holidays 1000-1700
GNC(405) 737-6031 Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1000-1600
Holidays 1000-1700
UPS Store(405) 455-5540 FAX (405) 455-5542 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 0900-1800
Sun & Holidays Closed
Exchange Mobile Center(405) 733-7634 Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1000-1800
Smokey Ray's Thu-Fri 1000-1400
Sat-Sun Closed
Underground CoffeeBldg. 1094
(Tinker Clinic)
(405) 610-3624
Mon-Fri 0630-1530
Sat-Sun Closed
Exchange Restaurants - WI-FI Available (405) 734-0161
Robin Hood Mon-Sun 1000-1600
Anthony's Pizza Mon-Sun 1000-1600
Charley's Grilled Subs Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1100-1700
Popeyes Chicken Mon-Fri 1000-2000
Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1100-1800
Manchu Wok Mon-Sat 1000-1500
Sun 1100-1400

Express/ Class Six/ Gas

Class Six
Express I Class Six(405) 734-7135
DSN 884-7135
Mon-Sat 0600-2400
Sun 0900-2200

Snack Bar/ Express/Gas
Navy Snack Bar Bldg. 820
(405) 739-7420

Note: This facility is in a restricted space. Only those that have access to this building may patronize this facility.

Mon-Thu 0600-1400
Fri 0600-1100
Sat, Sun & Holidays Closed
Express II Bldg. 5704
(405) 734-3686
DSN 884-3686
Mon-Fri 0700-2000
Sat 1000-2000
Sun 1300-1700
Express III/ GasBldg. 1107
(405) 733-4679
DSN 884-2980
Mon-Fri 0600-1800
Sat-Sun & Holidays Closed
Express III - Barber Shop (405) 610-3651 Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat-Sun Closed

Burger King/ Barber/ Commissary

Burger King/ Barber
Burger King
(WI-FI Available)Bldg. 473
(405) 732-1652
Mon-Fri 0530-2000
Sat 0730-1500
Sun Closed
Flight Line Barber ShopBldg. 230
(405) 734-5969
Flight Line AWACS Hangar
(also open for special request)
Mon-Thu 1000-1700
Fri 0800-1500
Sat-Sun Closed
CommissaryBldg. 690
(405) 734-5965
Mon-Fri 0700-2000
Sat 0700-1900
Sun 1000-1700
Holidays Closed (except Veterans Day)

PODS - Portable Storage Service

(866) 667-5593
Promo Code: EXCH

 Vance AFB

Main Store/ Concessions

Bldg. 415

Main Store
Main Store(580) 237-6765DSN448-7451 Mon-Thu 0900-1900
Fri-Sat 0900-2000
Sun 1100-1700
Holidays Closed
Hair Care Center/Barber Shop (580) 234-8939 Mon-Fri 0800-1700
Sat 1000-1700
Sun/Hol Closed
Optical Shop (580) 242-7005 Tue-Sat 0900-1700
Sun/Hol Closed
GNC (580) 297-1407 Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1200-1700
Holidays Closed
Service Station
Net Automotive ServiceBldg. 522
(580) 242-2886
Mon-Fri 0700-1700
Sat-Sun & Holidays Closed
Pay at the Pump 24 hrs
Commissary Bldg. 412
(580) 213-7788
Tue-Sat 0900-1900
Sun 1000-1700
Holidays Closed

General Information

General Information
Auto Hobby ShopBldg. 301
(580) 213-7402
Base OperationsBldg. 155
BilletingBldg. 714
Bowling CenterBldg. 345
(580) 213-7331
ChapelBldg. 505
(580) 213-7211
Child Development CenterBldg. 336
(580) 213-7310
CommissaryBldg. 410
(580) 213-7310
Credit UnionBldg. 412
(580) 213-7229
Crosswinds Community CenterBldg. 606
Driving RangeBldg. 681
(580) 213-7830
Hospital/ClinicBldg. 810
(580) 213-7416
HeadquartersBldg. 500
Military Personnel (580) 213-7500 / Pay & Travel (580) 213-7498 / Pass & ID (580) 213-7765 / Legal (580) 213-7500
Teen CenterBldg. 455
Pines Swimming PoolBldg. 704
(580) 214-7702
Post OfficeBldg. 600
RapconBldg. 795
Security PoliceBldg. 527
(580) 213-7155
Skills Development CenterBldg. 305
(580) 213-7402
Vance ClubBldg. 708
(580) 213-7595
Youth CenterBldg. 323
(580) 213-7474

 Tulsa ANGB Exchange

Main Store

Bldg. 313

Main Store (918) 833-7771DSN894-7771 Mon 1000-1400
Tue-Thu 0900-1630
Fri Closed
Sat 1000-1530
Sun & Holidays Closed

 McAlester Army Ammunition Plant


Bldg. 003

Exchange(918) 420-6388DSN956-6388 Mon-Fri 1000-1700
Sat-Sun & Holidays Closed

 Camp Gruber

Base Exchange

Bldg. 135

Base Exchange(918) 487-5643 Tue-Fri 1000-1400
Sat-Mon & Holidays Closed


Brenda Hyland

Brenda Hyland
General Manager
Tinker AFB

Welcome to Tinker AFB

For over 100 years, The Exchange has had a long tradition of bringing value to its customers. We have developed a simple 5-chapter savings story titled We Save You Money Every Day! The Exchange employs a variety of checks and balances to ensure we remain competitive and to keep prices low at locations around the world. We'll prove it! Check out the survey results at

We survey nationally, we survey locally -- We PRICECUT and have Sales and Clearance. If you find it lower - We'll Match it plus NO SALES TAX! This equals big savings for you.

It's a 5 chapter VALUE Story and a story worth telling. We believe in our VALUE and our VALUE Story.

It is our sincere desire to provide Top Quality Service at uniformly low prices. We encourage you to take advantage of the tremendous savings provided in our sales and services. We can and will make a difference in every store you visit ranging from Retail and Food to Concessions and Services.

Tinker AFB is an Air Force Material Command installation located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tinker Air Force Base was named in honor of Major General Clarence L. Tinker of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. General Tinker lost his life while leading a flight of LB-30 "Liberators" on a long-range strike against Japanese Forces on Wake Island during the early months of World War II. On April 8, 1941, the order was officially signed awarding the depot to Oklahoma City.

Today with nearly 22,000 civilian and military assigned to the base, logistics work is just a part of Tinker’s mission. After the arrival of the Navy, Tinker became one of DoD’s premier inter-service facilities.

Tinker's largest organization is the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, one of five depot repair center in the Air Force Material Command.

Your Exchange operates on funds generated by your purchase of merchandise and services; not tax dollars. Civilians are welcome at the Tinker Food Mall. Try Manchu Wok, Charley's Grilled Subs, Popeyes Chicken, Specialty Express (Anthony's Pizza and Robin Hood (Subs) and Burger King. These are our quality in-house-food concepts.

The Star Card is available at your Main Exchange, Military Clothing Store, Expresses and Food Facilities (get 10% off your entire food purchase when you use you Star Card). Enjoy your purchase while you pay for it over time at a low interest rate. Apply for the Star Card at your Main Exchange and receive a 10% discount on your entire first day's purchases. We also accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

All Guardsmen, Reservists and their families are authorized full unlimited privileges in all the Exchange activities in the U.S. Simply show proper ID Card.

Your patronage has allowed us to contribute $541,406 Tinker/NAF MWR and $165,759 to Vance/NAF MWR activities for FY 12.

If you have any questions, please ask the manager. There is one in each retail store, Exchange restaurant and concessions, or you may use our Direct Line Cards, which are located in all our facilities.

You will receive a courteous and prompt reply.

Brenda Hyland
General Manager
Tinker AFB

For Your Information

The Tinker Main Exchange offers full service banking within the Main Exchange provided by the First National Bank of Midwest City.

The Military Clothing Store carries a full assortment of Air Force uniforms. They also carry a large variety of Navy uniforms to accommodate the Navy population on Tinker AFB. Army and Marine uniforms are also available.

The Express Class Six and Gas has unattended fueling; the 16 gas pumps accept Wright, Star Card, and all major credit cards. The facility's Class Six area offers a wide variety of spirits, wines, beers, and mixers. Call in orders to 733-3445 for large orders, parties, and kegs. Besides a selection of household cleaning products, health items, foods, and snacks, there is a Snack Avenue stocked with daily made fresh popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, ice, Java coffee and cappuccino, 16 head fountain drink machine, sandwiches, and assorted pastry items.

Tinker patrons have the services of a nationally recognized and award winning name brand car care with Firestone Complete Auto Care, offering tire and battery, oil, brake, alignment, steering/suspension and general automotive repair services to Tinker drivers. Firestone's repair prices are discounted 10 percent while lubrication costs are 5 percent less than off-post prices. Firestone also offers free tire rotation, balancing and repair for authorized shoppers who purchased tire service agreements from The Exchange. Appointments and first come first served basis walk-ins are welcome. For more information call 732-0769.

All Expresses offer cappuccino, Icee machines, and propane tank exchange. Express III located near Gate 34 and the Navy complex also offers 24 hour pay at the pump gasoline and carpet cleaning machine rental.

The Vance Exchange has the Military Clothing Store inside the Main Store. It also has a Express and a Class Six combined.

The Tulsa, Gruber and McAlester Exchanges are all small facilities that have Class Six and Military Clothing Store areas. If you find something that is not in stock when shopping at these facilities, please speak with a manager or supervisor. The items you are looking for may be ordered from Tinker and delivered to the store within a day or two.

For your added convenience the Tinker Petals and Blooms is under new management and does deliveries up to 20 miles. New telephone number (405) 737-3338. The florist can provide flowers for weddings, funerals, wire service, balloons, plants and so much more.

The Exchange at Tinker base awards program includes the following:

  • Quarterly and Annually Enlisted Awards
  • Quarterly and Annually Company Grade Officer Awards
  • Quarterly and Annually Honor Guard Award
  • Vance AFB Pilot Top Two Graduates
  • Chief Induction Ceremony