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Welcome to United Kingdom Consolidated

Attention Visitors to the UK:

Persons active duty or retired wishing to visit the United Kingdom, and if not permanently assigned or on TDY orders are not authorized to utilize military Exchanges and Commissaries. The Status of Forces Agreement for the UK does not authorize the extension of those privileges to retirees, unless they are ordinary residents of the UK and are enrolled in the RLPP (Retiree Limited Privilege Program) through application to local military installations. Please be aware of these restrictions when planning personal/business and/or vacation travel to the United Kingdom.

Tax Free Gasoline Info:

Military members and retirees visiting the the UK, who are not on orders are not allowed to purchase tax free gasoline from Exchange facilities . Tax free gasoline is only for military/DOD members stationed in the UK or who are on TDY orders, to the UK. This is a HM Customs regulation, not the Exchange.