Store Locations


Calling Instructions:
To call the Auto Attendant from off base phone dial: 03-4580-0135 If you do not know your party’s name or number enter * or press 8 during normal working hours to be directed to a live operator

For help in using the unofficial phone system call: 1-415-692-8300 during normal working hours to be directed to a live operator

For a copy of the unofficial phone directory on-line go to:

Dialing instructions to an Allied Telesis Number:
From Off-Base Japan/ Okinawa or Cell Phone: 03-4580-0135 dial 1 (area code & number) or 0425-52-2510 dial 97-1 (area code & number)

DSN to Unofficial Number: 315-225-9702 business: 6-XXXX or 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Dial Instruction from Yokota DSN Extension: 97 + 1 XXX-XXX-XXXX or 97 + 6-XXXX

From United States Dial Direct: 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Main Exchange/ Exchange Restaurants/ Concessions

Bldg. 570

Exchange/ Military Clothing Store/ Commissary
Exchange 1-469-375-7519 or 6-7519 Mon-Sat 1000-2000
Sun 1000-1900
Military Clothing Store 225-9034 Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun Closed
Commissary 225-8585 Daily 1000-1900
Exchange Restaurants
Exchange Restaurants Office
1-214-261-2032 or 6-2032
Mon-Sun 070-2100
Mainstreet X-Presso 1-214-261-2019 or 6-2019 Mon-Fri 0700-2000
Sat 0800-2000
Sun 0900-1900
Anthony's Pizza
1-214-261-2011 or 6-2011
Mon-Sat 1030-2000
Sun 1030-1900
Subway 1-214-261-2017 or 6-2017 Mon-Sat 1000-2000
Sun 1000-1900
Baskin Robins 1-214-261-2012 or 6-2012 Mon-Sat 1100-1900
Sun 1100-1800
Taco Bell 1-214-261-2018 or 2018 Mon-Sat 1030-2000
Sun 1030-1900
Popeyes 1-214-261-2016 or 6-2016 Mon-Sat 1030-2000
Sun 1030-1900
Cinnabon 1-214-261-2015 or 6-2015 Mon-Sun 1030-1800
Charley’s Grilled Subs 1-214-261-2014 or
Mon-Sat 1030-1900
Sun 1030-1800
YCC Concessions
Asian Gifts
1-214-261-0052 or 6-0052
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Beauty Shop 1-214-261-0045 or 6-0045 Mon-Sat 0900-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Barber Shop 1-214-261-0048 or 6-0048 Mon-Sat 0900-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Laundry/Dry Clean
1-214-261-0043 or 6-0043
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Flower Shop 1-214-261-0049 or 6-0049 Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Toy & Specialty Shop 1-214-261-0053 or 6-0053 Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Tsuboya Antiques
1-214-261-2037 or 6-2037
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Allied Telesis
Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
New Car Sales
1-214-261-2001 or 6-2001
Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1700
Computer Repair
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Alteration Shop
1-214-261-2021 or 6-2021
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
1-214-261-2034 or 6-2034
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
T-Shirt and Novelty Shop
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800
Rainbow Art
1-214-261-0054 or 6-0054
Mon-Sat 1000-1900
Sun 1000-1800

Base Facilities/ Personal Services/ Food/ Car Sales

Mini-Exchange (BXtra)
Bldg. 1214
1-214-261-2041 or 6-2041
Daily 1100-1900
Pizza Hut
Bldg. 1214
1-214-261-2100 or 6-2100
Pickup Daily 1100-1900
Car Care Center
Bldg. 1293
1-214-261-2114 or 6-2114
Mon-Fri 0730-1700
Sat 0900-1700
Sun Closed
Yokota Rental StorageBldg: 1285X
Tue-Sat 1200-1700
Sun-Mon Closed
Fussa ExpressBldg. 455
1-214-261-0047 or 6-0047
Mon-Thu 0600-2200
Fri 0600-2359
Sat 0000-0230
Sun 0900-2200
Coin Laundry
Bldg. 1285
Daily 24 Hours
Crossroads Express
Bldg. 1249
Mon-Fri 0600-2100
Sat 0800-2100
Sun 0800-2000
Bldg. 4084
1-214-261-2152 or 6-2152
Mon-Fri 0800-1645
Reel Time Theater
Bldg. 4335
Online Schedule  
Base Op's Snack BarBldg. 703
Mon-Fri 0700-1400
Sat-Sun Closed
Skills Development Center
Bldg. 334
Community Bank
Bldg. 430
Burger King
Bldg. 415
1-214-261-2071 or 6-2071
Mon-Fri 0630-2130
Sat-Sun 0700-2130
Bowling Center
Bldg. 537
Main Fitness Center
Bldg. 689
Bldg. 539
(East Library -
Special T's
Bldg. 80
1-214-261-2063 or 6-2063
Sun-Mon Closed
Tue 0700-1100
Wed 0700-1400
Thu 0700-1600
Fri 0700-1400
Sat 0700-1600
Times Car Rental
Bldg. 80
1-949-258-6896 or 6-6896
Mon-Sat 0800-1800
Sun Closed
TV Repair
Bldg. 4330
Mon-Sat 1000-1500
Sun Closed

Express/ ConcessionsBldg. 1380
East Express1-214-261-2060 or 6-2060 Mon-Thu 0600-2100
Fri 0600-2300
Sat 0800-2300
Sun 0800-2000
East Barber Shop
1-214-261-2023 or 6-2023
Mon-Fri 1000-1800
Sat 0930-1800
Sun Closed
East Laundry/Dry Cleaning
1-214-261-0044 or 6-0044
Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
Beauty Shop
1-214-261-2024 or 6-2024
Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun Closed
East Subway
1-214-261-2124 or 6-2124
Mon-Fri 1000-2000
Sat 1100-2000
Sun 1100-1900

Exchange Administration
Bldg. 4018
Exchange Admin, GM1-214-261-2010    
Services Business Mgr1-214-261-2000    
Human Resources1-214-261-2055 Mon-Fri 0730-1630
Sat-Sun Closed

Phone Numbers

Commonly Referenced Numbers:
Off- 225-9837
Credit Union
Family Support Ctr
Personnel Office
Appt 225-8864
Emergency 225-7740
Legal Office
LE Desk-225-7227
Red Cross
After hours-225-9901
Car Rental
From United States Dial direct: 1-949-258-6896
From Cell Phone or from off base: 03-4580-1937 +1-949-258-6896 or 0425-52-2510 + 97-1-949-258-6896
On base Yokota: (97) 1-949-258-6896
Flower Shop
From United States Dial direct: 1-214-261-0049 or 6-0049
Base Operator: 011-81-425-52-2510, ext: 97-1-214-261-0049
On Base: (97) 1-214-261-0049


Dialing instructions:
If you are calling from main land of US: Dial 81-550-89-6102, Ext: 224-8423
From Off-base Japan or Cell Phone: Dial 0550-89-6102, Ext: 224-8423

Camp Fuji Exchange/ American Eatery
Bldg. 110
Main Exchange
Mon-Sun 1000-2000
American Eatery
Sun-Thu 1100-1900
Fri-Sat 1100-2000


Dennis Patton

Dennis Patton
General Manager
Yokota Air Base

We invite you, as an authorized patron, to view the information on our site and encourage you to shop our facilities. The Exchange mission is to provide you quality items and services at low prices and generate dividends to fund our MWR/FSS programs.

Yokota AB is located within the Tokyo, Japan metroplex near the city of Fussa. It is the home of United States Forces Japan (USFJ), 5TH Air Force, 374th Airlift Wing and the 730th Air Mobility Squadron – which operates a Passenger Air Terminal as a gateway to other parts of East Asia and the CONUS. These headquarters provide support in coordinating US/Japan defense relationships; enhance the US deterrent posture; and provide tactical fighter and military airlift support to conduct offensive air operations.

Yokota AB is within driving distance to central Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Mount Fuji and many other historic and interesting sites.

Yokota AB offers a unique Exchange/DECA Community Center featuring a one stop Commissary/Exchange Mega Mall. This one of a kind complex also houses a Military Clothing Store, two Exchange Restaurant areas - featuring Popeyes, Charley's Grilled Subs, Taco Bell, Anthony's Pizza, Subway, Baskin Robins, Cinnabon and a Main Street Expresso Café, where we proudly brew Starbucks Coffee. The mall also features numerous long term and roving concessions and services to make it a most rewarding shopping and visiting experiences.

The Exchange has several significant programs that offer savings aside from our low prices on Brand Name merchandise: Free Check Cashing World Wide where ever you are; The Military Star Card, offering low interest and now useable at military exchanges from all services; Best Price Guarantee offering to match any advertised item that may be lower anywhere in the community (see store for details) and guarantee up to 14 days after the purchase. You save, we give back.

In addition the Exchange is proud to sponsor base wide Airman/NCO/SNCO of the Quarter and Year programs by donating Exchange gift cards and savings coupons; coupons for Newcomers, Re-Enlistment, Retiree Open House and for Elementary & High School students whom obtain A's & B's on their report cards; sponsoring base wide events; being the largest family member employer on bases; generating over $390 million annually to MWR/FSS programs, to enhance the quality of life on U.S. Military installations around the world.

Cordless Devices:
We would like to remind our Japan and Okinawa patrons that electronic devices such as telephones, baby monitors, walkie-talkies and other devices that operate in the 900mhz frequency range may interfere with other Japanese transmissions, to include emergency and cell phone signals and are not authorized for use in Japan or Okinawa. You can find compliant devices at your Exchange.

Please let us know how we are doing. Each facility has a management staff ready to work with you. In addition, each facility has customer comment cards, and the link below will email me. Exchange management also attends Newcomers briefs, Town Halls, Exchange/Commissary Advisory Boards, and other forums where you are heard.

Dennis Patton
General Manager
Yokota Air Base