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Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier

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The Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier's modern style and high performance combine to create one powerfully beautiful air purifier. The Alen Paraldas award-winning design incorporates style with function. The Alen Paralda Air Purifier offers greater efficiency and performance than other tower units on the market. The Paraldas unique Dual Airflow Design pulls air in through the back of the unit and then circulates purified air through two sides instead of one, delivering maximum amounts of pure air to your living spaces. The Paralda utilizes Alens advanced HEPA style filtration technology to purify and freshen the air in your home while protecting the filter against bacteria and microbes. Polluted air moves through Alens unique, electrostatically charged HEPA style material that attracts and captures dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants. Alens antimicrobial Silver-Ion threads are woven into the HEPA style material, protecting the filter from harmful bacteria and microbe growth. The Paraldas ozone-safe Ionizer complements the HEPA style filter by charging particles in the air, causing them to stick together and become more easily captured. The Paralda is a quiet operation, circulating all the air in a 500 square foot space more than twice per hour on the highest speed. It comes standard with the HEPA-Silver Filter, designed for easy replacement with a self-closing cover. Model: Paralda.

HEPA Air Purifier