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Army Badge United States Army Master Recruiter Sew-on (OCP)
Army Patch Reserve Aviation Command (OCP)
Army Patch US Army Element Special Ops Joint Forces Operation Inherent Resolve
Army Unit Patch 176th Engineer Brigade (OCP)
Army Unit Patch Warrant Officer Career Center (OCP)
Army Unit Patch USA Personnel Assigned to Joint Activities (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 65th Fires Brigade Velcro (OCP)
Army United States Army Recruiter Gold Badge Non-Subdued Pin-On
Army Badge Inspector General Regular Size Pin-On
Army Unit Patch Arizona State National Guard (OCP)
Army Unit Patch Armor School (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 78th Aviation Troop Command (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 1st Cavalry Division (OCP)
71st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade Patch (OCP)
Army Patch Air National Guard Center, Garrison Command
Army Unit Patch Combined Joint Forces Sew-On (OCP)
Army Patch United States Army Cyber Command Velcro (OCP)
Army Astronaut Basic, Pin-On
Army Unit Patch 1st Engineer Brigade (OCP)
Army Badge Identification Instructor Senior 24 Karat
Army Drill Instructor Full Size Sta-Brite
Army Unit Patch 20th CBRNE Command (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (OCP)
Army Unit Patch US Forces, Afghanistan, US Army Element (OCP)
Army Badge Honor Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Sew-On
Army Badge Defense Health Agency (DHA) Regular Size Pin-on
Army Unit Patch Special Operation Aviation Command (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 316th Cavalry Brigade (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 142nd Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (BFSB) (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 470th Military Intelligence (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 528th Sustainment Brigade (OCP)
Army Patch First Space Brigade Subdued (OCP)
Army Unit Patch Installation Management Agency, Subdued, Velcro (OCP)
Army Unit Patch 780th Military Intelligence (OCP)
Army Unit Patch Reserve Careers Division (OCP)
Army Recruiter Silver (Basic) Full Size Sta-Brite Pin-On
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