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Step 2. Fill-out form and submit:

Exchange Business-To-Business Address Verification Contract/Invoicing

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETION: Please complete fully and submit. Your complete physical address is required for delivery.
This form is for completion by customers who want to pay by Contract/Invoice. Complete all form fields providing the requested information. Direct delivery to your office/building location requires accurate shipping address for your installations location. Address is for a local parcel delivery system provider. For each additional location please submit a new form. NOTE: APO information is not valid for this program.

Contract/Invoicing Required Information:

Please select a service branchPlease enter a service branch
Please enter a Unit/Section/HQ
Please enter an email address
Please enter a first name
Please enter a last name
Please enter a phone number
Please enter a phone number
Please enter a phone number
Please enter an installation

Ship to:

Please enter a bldg number
Please enter a street name and number
Please enter a city/town
Please enter a state/province