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Carter's Foam Stamp Pad, 4.25 in. x 2.75 in., Red

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This is one pad that really knows how to make an impression. The soft foam of this versatile and economical Stamp Pad delivers a rich, certified ink transfer to the surfaces of your stamp for bright, vibrant stamp impressions. Your stamps will enjoy many impressions before the stamp pad requires re-inking with Carter's stamp pad inkers, making it an ideal resource for sign creation, crafting, decorating and a host of other activities. Bring your projects to life with bold color. With this stamp pad, you're bound to impress. Stamp Pads Type: Inked Foam; Ink Pad Type: Conventional Pad; Ink Color(s): Red; Pad Size (Width): 4.25 in.

Carter's? Foam Stamp Pad
Ink Color