7870 Lens
APO, AE 09708

Store Hours:

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1030-1830
Sun 1100-1730


DSN 597-6322
HR Office DSN 597-6325

Enter to Win
Military Star


Military Clothing Store/ Cleaners/ Alterations

Bldg. 20005

Military Clothing
DSN: 597-6321

Same as Main Store
Co-Located inside of store
Cleaners with Alterations
DSN: 597-6324

Mon Closed
Tue-Fri 1100-1800
Sat 1100-1700
Sun Closed
MLZ Services
Car Wash

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1030-1700
Sun appointments only
Appointments for deep cleaning (return to US)


Hunt Brothers Pizza
DSN 597-5914

Tue-Sat 1130-1800
Sun 1130-1730
Mon Closed
Pitas | Salads | Ricebox | Smoothies | Breakfast
DSN : 597-6320

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1030-1800
Sun 1100-1600
Bun Burger

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1030-1800
Sun 1100-1600


Barber Shop
DSN 361-5635

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1000-1800
Stylique Salon
Bldg. 4
DSN 597-6327

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1000-1800
Military AutoSource
DSN: 597-6328

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1030-1800
Bissell Rental
Unit 21419
Bldg 21501

Bissell Rental
Unit 28100
Box 23

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Letter from the Manager

Jessica M. Dean
General Manager
Spangdahlem Consolidated Exchange

On behalf of the entire Spangdahlem Consolidated TEAM I would like to welcome you to Europe. The Spangdahlem Consolidated Exchange proudly serves those who serve at the locations of Spangdahlem, Geilenkirchen, Kalkar, Chievres, Brussels, Brunssum and Volkel. We provide goods and services for the U.S. Military, NATO, and Government civilians within Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Our Exchanges offer retail facilities, food restaurants, movie theaters, and services such as barber shops, beauty shops, dry cleaners, vehicle sales (ENVS), and rental vehicles.

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Our Exchange Mall at Spangdahlem is one of the newest Mall in Europe. The Exchange offers American fast food favorites like Subway, Charley's Grilled Subs, Hunt Bros, and Starbucks. Rental vehicles are available at SIXT, for those that want to get out an explore Europe. Spangdahlem, AB is located near the small German town of Spangdahlem, approximately 30 km NNE of the city of Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate.

If there is an item(s) that you cannot locate or is not normally carried at your local Exchange ask an associate about our shuttle program. We also encourage you to checkout our "NEW" web site at where we offer products from every category and the same name brands that you can find in our brick and mortar facilities. The Exchange's online assortment is updated continually. Online shoppers pay no sales tax and enjoy free delivery when using a Military Star Card or when their online purchases totals $49 or more.

You may use your Military Star Card or other major credit card at all of our retail stores and most concessions. The Exchange Credit Program encourages and promotes the responsible use of credit and building credit wisely. Our credit programs are tailored to active duty, reserve, guards, retired-service members and their family's credit needs. Shoppers patronizing their local Exchange probably don't give a second thought as to which credit card to use at checkout. What they may not be aware of, however, is that the use of bank-issued cards at the Exchange ultimately costs the military community millions annually. By using bank-issued cards, Exchange facilities pay processing expenses that add up to millions of dollars annually and, in turn, critical funds that could be used for morale, welfare and recreation programs. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost to bank-issued card processing fees in the last five years. One way military families can help reduce costs and strengthen their Exchange benefit is to take advantage of the MILITARY STARĀ® Card, the card that does not charge processing fees to the Exchange. Unlike bank cards, profits generated from the MILITARY STARĀ® Card are shared with military communities through contributions to the military service's quality-of-life funds. Reducing unnecessary expenses can go a long way in maximizing the dividend the Exchange annually returns to the military community.

Your Exchange operates on funds generated through sales of merchandise and services, not tax dollars. Profits go directly back to the Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs. Roughly two-thirds of The Exchange earnings are paid to MWR/ Services programs each year.

We are committed to insuring that you and your family receive the best possible service and price, in clean modern facilities, no matter where you might be assigned. Living and working in Europe will be a very rewarding experience for you, and we the Exchange will bring a taste of home to your door by keeping you supplied with the goods and services you have come to expect from us all over the world. If we fail to do this, I encourage you to speak with the manager on duty so that the situation can be addressed on the spot. Also please do not hesitate to contact myself. I can be reached at 06565-933193.

Thank for your continued support and patronage.

Jessica M. Dean
General Manager
Spangdahlem Consolidated Exchange