Setting up a subscription

Select "SET UP A SUBSCRIPTION" and choose how often you want the item delivered.


In the Shopping Cart, your subscription frequency choice appears under "SUBSCRIPTION SETTING". Click "Edit" to modify your delivery frequency here.


Manage your subscriptions by going into Your Account (you must be logged in) and clicking on the Subscription link in the navigation menu.


Items set up for subscriptions will show the frequency, shipping address, credit card used and the next ship date.

If your subscription item is promotionally priced at the time of shipment, you will be charged the promotional price for that item. Once the promotion ends, on your next shipment you will be charged the regular price for the item.

You have three options:

Change your subscription frequency.
Click "Edit" beside "Delivery Frequency" Then update the quantity, the delivery frequency, or both. Your info will be updated with a new Ship Date.

Cancel your subscription
Click the "Cancel Subscription" button. Then click the "Yes" button. This will cancel all future shipments.

Cancel Next Shipment
Select "Cancel Next Shipment." Select "Yes." This lets you skip the next shipment and have future shipments continue on schedule.