NEST Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Liquidless Diffuser

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This Liquidless Diffuser from NEST Fragrances features Sicilian tangerine and bergamot entwined with exotic mango and passionfruit. A first-of-its-kind innovation, this diffuser delivers a unique and beautiful way to transform any room. The innovation begins with the ScentStick with each one having been infused with pure fragrance oil to impactfully release scent. The custom-designed open silver vessel holds up to 5 ScentSticks, so you can adjust the level of fragrance to your preference. Style: NEST95-ST.

Suggested Usage: Place the vessel on a sturdy surface away from vents and windows. Add ScentSticks to the vessel. You can customize the number of sticks based on the size of your room and preferences. It is recommended to use two ScentSticks for smaller rooms or a subtle scent, three ScentSticks for mid-sized rooms or a moderate scent and four ScentSticks for large rooms or a more intense scent.

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NEST Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Liquidless Diffuser