How would you like to watch all your favorite programs without paying a cable or satellite TV provider each month? It's possible. This quick guide will show you how and why you should "Cut the Cord" and think outside the cable box.

Why cut the cord

Depending on your viewing habits, streaming media could be cheaper than your cable or satellite bill. Plus, you're not limited to the channels or bundles your cable or satellite service provides. And, you can choose from a variety of streaming services and devices to tailor your options to your tastes.


Over-the-air (OTA) TV antennas capture local broadcast TV signals, allowing you to watch your favorite network programming for free—no bill, no subscriptions. They come in a variety of types and sizes with some that mount to your roof like traditional analog antennas, and some that can be set up indoors. For optimal performance, consider your geographic location and distance from the broadcasting source when choosing the right OTA antenna. SHOP OTA ANTENNAS


Streaming media is content sent in compressed form over the Internet and played immediately, allowing you to enjoy on-demand movies, music and gaming at your convenience through an internet connection rather than a cable or satellite TV service. Stream live and original programming on a streaming media player, gaming console or Smart TV.


Your internet speed is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of video streamed and how many people can stream at once. Most services recommend 1.5-3 Mbps (Megabits per second) download speeds to stream standard definition video smoothly. Hulu and Netflix suggest 3-5 Mbps download speeds for HD (high-definition) video and audio. It's important to remember that with more people using your internet connection at once, a faster internet connection will be required to maintain a smooth, hitch-free video stream.


Streaming media players plug directly into a TV HDMI port, and are dedicated to deliver content through your home internet connection rather than through cable or satellite. These devices support most popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes and YouTube to name a few.

  • ROKU

    ROKU devices support most popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu. Stream HD content to your television with the ROKU 4, or use the ROKU Stick – a device as small as a thumb drive.
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  • Amazon Fire TV

    Stream hours of high-definition movies and TV shows on Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more. Plus, enjoy commercial-free programming with an Amazon Prime membership. Voice remote feature for hands-free control.
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  • Google Chromecast

    Unleash a world of entertainment. Stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of content. Cast your favorite entertainment from your phone, tablet or laptop straight to your TV.
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  • Apple TV

    From movies, to apps and games, instantly watch anything you've purchased through iTunes on the big screen. Apple TV is compatible with most popular streaming services and can pair with your other Apple devices. Siri Remote available with newer models.
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These devices connect to your home network via a wired or wireless connection and offer access to a variety of streaming media services, in addition to displaying high-definition images and playing Blu-ray discs, DVDs and video games. This includes mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. With WiFi connection or data phone service, you can stream to your mobile devices from virtually anywhere.


    Smart TVs connect directly to the internet and can support a variety of streaming services – no separate device is required to view streaming content. With a wide range of features, sizes and price points, a Smart TV is the perfect way to start exploring your streaming options.
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    Play video games, watch movies and stream digital content using just one versatile device. For the most powerful and feature-rich gaming consoles, go with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Both systems support the most popular streaming services in addition to playing DVDs and Blu-ray discs. You can also rent and buy movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.
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    Watch your DVDs and Blu-ray discs, plus, have access to a massive online catalog. Like Smart TVs, Smart Blu-ray players connect directly to the internet and can support a variety of streaming services, offering you an array of movie and TV viewing options.


    Allow access to the biggest streaming services, plus enable you to download apps from a library of thousands — from music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, to image and video editing applications and games. Ultra portable media player. With data phone service, you can take these mobile devices anywhere and everywhere you go.
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Streaming services like Netflix, HBO NOW and Hulu are widely available and offer thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows for a low monthly subscription fee. Plus, you can rent movies without leaving your home using services like Amazon Video or iTunes. Some services like YouTube and Crackle can be used for free. For a more traditional TV viewing experience, over-the-air (OTA) TV Antennas can provide local channel viewing for free, while services like PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YoutubeTV can stream live cable channels to your television or mobile device without having to sign a contract or pay monthly equipment fees.

No cable bill, no subscriptions. Simply hook up an over-the-air (OTA) TV Antenna to your TV, and pick up local broadcast channels for free. However, your channel selection is limited to what's available over the air in your area, as well as your line of sight to the broadcast location. No stream services or cable channel access.

Watch local TV broadcast channels for FREE, plus enjoy access to thousands of TV shows and movies using a Smart TV or Streaming Device. Binge-watch on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, then catch your local news, all cable free. No cable channel access. Internet service required for streaming. Subscription fee required for most streaming services.

Get it all! Local broadcast channels for free, stream thousands of TV shows and movies on your Smart TV or Streaming Device, plus, stream live TV on your television, computer or mobile device. Services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV allow you to watch live cable TV anytime, anywhere through an internet connection (wired, Wi-Fi or cellular data) without having to sign a cable service contract or pay equipment fees.

YOUTUBETV Cable-free live TV. Watch live TV from 60+ networks, including your local sports, breaking news, and favorite shows. There's no cable box to install, so you can start watching right away.

PLAYSTATION VUE Service works with up to five devices at the same time. Currently has access to over 100 channels. Max resolution 720p. Internet service and subscription fee required.

SLING TV Service works with up to three devices at the same time. Currently limited to 70+ channels. Max resolution up to 1080i. Internet service and subscription fee required.