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Reebok Fusion Max 8 in. Military Hot Weather Boots
DLATS Women's APFU Jacket
Duke Athletic 50/50 Jersey Boxer Shorts 2 pk.
DLATS Army APFU Men's/Women's Jacket
DLATS Women's APFU Pants
DLATS APFU Men's/Women's Trunks
Army Physical Fitness Pants Male / Female (APFU)
Duke Athletic Dri Duke Tight Fit Tee
List Price: $25.00
Duke Athletic 100% Cotton Tee 3 pk.
List Price: $35.00
Commercial APFU Tee
Sayre Reflective Extended Belt with Buckle
DLATS APFU Men's/Women's Pants
Army Female Physical Fitness Jacket
Duke Athletic Duke Tee 3 pk.
List Price: $27.50
American Power Source Unisex Army Physical Fitness Jacket
Duke Athletic Poly Shorts with Liner
List Price: $22.00
Duke Athletic Dri Duke Loose Fit Tee
List Price: $18.00
Commercial APFU Men's/Women's Trunks
Army Badge Physical Fitness Excellence, Full Color, Sew-On
Army Female Physical Fitness Pants
Commercial APFU Tee
DLATS Army Black Micro Fleece Cap (APFU)
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