Malmstrom AFB

7200 Perimeter Road, Bldg 1340
Malmstrom AFB, MT 594020000
United States

Store Hours:

Sat-Sun 0900-1900
Mon-Fri 0900-1900


HR Office (406) 454-1301 ext 206

Enter to Win
Military Star
Express Online

Food Court

(406) 454-1301
(406) 454-1302 ext 110

Mon-Sat 0700-1800
Sun 0800-1800
(406) 454-1301
(406) 454-1302 ext 110

Mon-Fri 1030-1800
Sat 1100-1800
Sun 1100-1800


Express with Gas/ Bissell Rental

Bldg. 1340

Express with Gas Pumps
(406) 454-1301
(406) 454-1302

Sun-Thu 0530-2100
Fri-Sat 0530-2200
Gas Pumps
Open 24 hrs
Bissell Rental
(406) 454-1301

Sun-Thu 0530-2100
Fri-Sat 0530-2200

Main Store/ Stripes Alteration

Bldg. 1340

Main Store
(406) 454-1301
(406) 454-1302

Mon-Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1000-1800
(406) 217-2406

Mon, Wed, Fri 1100-1800
Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun Closed

Gore Hill Annex

Bldg. 50

Gore Hill Annex
(406) 452-6712

Mon-Fri 0900-1500
First Weekend of the Month
this may vary by Guard activity

Fort William Henry Harrison Troop Store/ Barber

Bldg. P40

Fort William Henry Harrison Troop Store
(406) 443-0837

Mon-Fri 0900-1600
Drill Weekends
Sat 0900-1600
Sun 0900-1400
   Barber Shop   



Burger King
Bldg 695
(406) 727-7528

Lobby Mon-Fri 1100-1400
Sat-Sun Closed
Drive Thru Mon-Fri 0800-1600
Sat-Sun Closed


Military Clothing
(406) 454-1301
(406) 454-1302 ext 105

Mon-Fri 0900-1800
Sat-Sun (Self Service)
Family Hair Care
(406) 453-5715

Mon-Fri 0700-1900
Sat 0900-1800
Sun 1100-1600
Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery
Bldg 500
(Command Bldg)

Mon-Fri 0700-1400
Sat-Sun Closed
Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery
Bldg 2040
(Med Group Clinic)

Mon-Fri 0700-1400
Sat-Sun Closed
Reel Time Theater
Bldg 1156
7324 Fourth Ave
(406) 727-0658

Facility Map

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Letter from the Manager

Charles Lefebvre
General Manager
Malmstrom AFB

On behalf of our managers and associates, I welcome you to the Malmstrom AFB website. Malmstrom AFB is the home of the 341st Missile Wing, 341st Operations Group, 341st Medical Group, 341 Maintenance Group, 341st Security Forces Group, 341st Mission Support Group and 819th Red Horse. The Malmstrom Exchange also provides support for the retail facilities under the Montana National Guard at Fort William Henry Harrison and Gore Hill ANG Base. Malmstrom AFB is located just outside Great Falls in the central part of the state. The Great Falls area is rich in historical monuments, heritage and some of the most beautiful country in the United States. For the outdoors enthusiast, Malmstrom will be a memorable experience.

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So, whether you are currently assigned at Malmstrom AFB or are in the process of moving into the area, I hope you will find that our home page provides useful information concerning the Exchange facilities and services. Both myself and the entire Malmstrom Exchange team stand ready to provide you with high quality service and support that you have come to expect in the Exchange facilities around the world. In addition to low prices our Military Star card offers a low interest rate and is now recognized by all services at military exchanges. Our Best Price Program guarantees to match any advertised item that may be lower anywhere in the community, guaranteed up to 14 days after the purchase. Our Primary goal is to constantly strive to exceed our customer's expectations. If you need assistance, I would ask that you ask to speak to a manager so the issue can be resolved on the spot. Please also consider using the Customer Comment Program located throughout the Exchange. You can also contact me directly at the following internet ID:

Again, the Malmstrom Exchange team welcomes you to Big Sky Country and extends our thanks and appreciation for your continued support and patronage.

Charles Lefebvre
General Manager
Malmstrom AFB Exchange