Ft Jackson Main Exchange

4110 Moseby St.
Columbia, SC 292076055
United States

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat 1100-1900
Sun 1100-1900


HR Office 803-782-7739 ext 120

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Food Court

Qdoba Mexican Eats
(803) 790-1645

Mon-Fri 1100-1830
Sat-Sun 1100-1800
(803) 790-1645

Mon-Fri 1100-1830
Sat-Sun 1100-1800
(803) 790-1645

Mon-Fri 1100-1700
Sat-Sun Closed
Boston Market
(803) 790-1645

Temporarily Closed


Hospital Exchange
Bldg. 4550 Hill Street
(803) 782-1263

Mon-Fri 0730-1300
Sat-Sun Closed
SSI Troop Store
Bldg. 10000 Hampton Parkway
(803) 738-9189

Mon-Fri 0800-1500
Sat-Sun Closed

Mini Mall with Class Six/ Military Clothing/ Services

Bldg. 4712 Lee Road

Class Six
(803) 782-1601

Mon-Fri 0900-1900
Sat-Sun 1100-1800
Military Clothing
(803) 787-5248

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Fri 0900-1800
Sat 1100-1600
(803) 790-2151

Mon-Thu Closed
Fri-Sat 1000-1700
Sun 1100-1600
Barber Shop
(803) 787-1274

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 1000-1700
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
“We’ll Pick You Up”
(803) 776-9461

Online Reservations
(803) 787-0943

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 0900-1700
Patriot Outfitters
(803) 851-7313

Mon-Fri 1000-1800
Sat 1100-1800
Sun 1100-1700
(803) 782-8380

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 0900-1700
Anita's T-Shirts
(803) 738-3680

Marshall's Plaque & Trophy
(803) 738-0045

Tue-Fri 1000-1700
Sat 1100-1500
Sun-Mon Closed

Gate 1 Express/ Gas/ Pizza Hut/ Barber

Bldg. 2420 Marion Street

Express with Gas Pumps
(803) 782-2076
(803) 782-5417

Mon-Fri 0630-1800
Sat-Sun Closed
24 hour Gas pumps
Pizza Hut
(803) 743-4270

Sun-Thu 1100-2200
Fri-Sat 1100-2300
Barber Shop
(803) 743-0402

Mon-Tue, Fri 1000-1600
Sat 1300-1700
Wed, Sun Closed

Gate 2 Express/ Gas

Bldg. 4120 Moseby Street

Express with Gas Pumps
(803) 790-4478

Mon-Fri 0430-2000
Sat-Sun 0900-1900
Gas Pumps Open 24 hrs

Coleman Gym Troop Store/ Barber

Bldg. 5475 Johnson Street

Troop Store
(803) 782-0626

By Appointment Only
Barber Shop
(803) 786-5495

By Appointment Only

Tank Hill Troop Store/ Barber/ Laundromat

Bldg. 10440 Hampton Parkway

Troop Store
(803) 782-2669

By Appointment Only
Barber Shop
(803) 782-2582

By Appointment Only

Open 24 Hours

Perez Gym Troops Store/ Barber/ Leonard's Studio

Bldg. 4169 Sumter Street

Troop Store
(803) 782-2052

By Appointment
Barber Shop
(803) 782-2052

By Appointment
Leonard's Studio
(803) 787-4905

Mon-Fri 0900-1630
Sat-Sun Closed

Reception Troop Store/ Barber

Bldg. 1865 Ewell Road

Troop Store
(803) 782-1405

Mon-Fri 0830-1700
Sat-Sun Closed
Barber Shop
(803) 790-9825

By Appointment Only

McCrady SCNG Site Shoppette

5411 Leesburg Road

Building W-3810

Eastover, SC 29044

(803) 776-7834

Wed-Sun 1100-1900
Mon-Tue Closed
Barber Shop
(803) 319-8394

Thu-Fri 1600-1900
Sat 1300-1900
Sun-Wed Closed


Burger King
Bldg. 5670
Strom Thurmond Blvd.
(803) 782-5396
Drive Thru and Curbside Only

Mon-Fri 0700-1900
Sat-Sun 1100-1900
Bldg. 5650
Lee Road
(803) 782-6443

Mon-Fri 1100-1900
Sat-Sun 1100-1700
Bldg. 5650
Lee Road
(803) 782-6443

Mon-Sun 0700-1600


(803) 787-3333

Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun 1100-1700
(803) 787-0242

Mon-Sat 1000-1800
Sun 1100-1600
(803) 787-6670

Mon-Fri 1000-1700
Sat-Sun Closed
(803) 790-1849
(803) 787-6670

Tue 1000-1600
Wed-Mon Closed
Stylique Salon
(803) 915-3248

Thu, Sat 1000-1700
Fri, Sun-Wed Closed
Barber Shop
(803) 743-9568

Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun 1000-1700
General Nutrition Centers
(803) 738-8911

Mon-Fri 0900-1700
Sat-Sun 1000-1700
The UPS Store
(803) 227-2692
FAX (803) 227-2694

Mon-Fri 0900-1600
Sat-Sun 1100-1600
Recon Sportswear
(803) 782-9739

Mon-Thu 0900-1600
Fri-Sun Closed
Portrait Studio
(803) 626-8699

Mon-Sun 1000-1700

PODS - Portable Storage Service

Promo Code: EXCH

(866) 667-5593
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Facility Map

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Letter from the Manager

Thomas Kuttamperoor
General Manager
Fort Jackson, SC

Fort Jackson is the largest and most active entry training center in the US Army. The base is located in the Central Midlands of South Carolina adjacent to the capital city of Columbia. Columbia is located between New York City and Miami and has direct access to three major interstates, I-20, I-26, and I-77. The population of Columbia is 124,818, with a population growth of 3.17% since 2000.

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On behalf of our managers and associates, we pledge to offer courteous and friendly customer service to our patrons, the best customers in the world!

"Victory Starts Here"

Fort Jackson plays a major role in shaping today's Army by training a large portion of the motivated, disciplined, well-trained and professional fighting force. With a great climate for year-round training, approximately 50,000 basic training and advanced individual training soldiers are trained at the base each year. The AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and SSI (Soldier Support Institute) are key elements of Fort Jackson's Training Mission.

Facility Services Information

Popeyes Chicken opened 31 March 12; they are serving up hot, flavorful meals with varied sides.

The Exchange Shopping Center Complex, which houses the main Exchange, Exchange Restaurants and concessions is located at 4110 Moseby Street (corner of Strom Thurmond Boulevard and Moseby Street).

Burger King is located on Strom Thurmond Boulevard near the intersection of Lee Road; we serve up fresh, hot meals for our patrons.

Gate 1 Express/gas offers our patrons great snacks and drinks. Pizza Hut and a barber shop are also located at the Express.

Gate 2 Express/gas is located to your left at the first traffic light once you enter Gate 2. The Express is open Monday-Friday, 0500-2200, Saturday, 0500-2300 and Sunday, 0700-2100. For your convenience, Subway is located inside the Gate 2 Express/Gas.

The theater located in building 3319 Fort Jackson Boulevard has great admission prices, tasty snacks and drinks to enjoy during the shows.

The Fort Jackson Exchange operates 14 retail (including McCrady SCNG Site) facilities, 10 food facilities, 1 theater, 31 concessions, 12 kiosks, 487 vending machines, and 461 pay phones.

For Your Information:

The Fort Jackson Exchange operates on funds generated through sales of merchandise and services, not on tax dollars. Each month a dividend is paid directly to the Fort Jackson Installation Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund (MWR); which is a designated percentage of total sales plus concession income. The remainder of our dividends is paid directly to the Army's central MWR fund.

We appreciate your patronage and consider our Military and their families to be the Best Customers in the World! We are focused on our customers and welcome you to provide comments to me at Kuttamperoor@aafes.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Kuttamperoor
General Manager