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Yupik Organic Black Chia Seeds, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegan 6 bags, 2.2 lb. each
True Pop Garlic Overdose 12 units, 4 oz. each
Spinning Wheel Brands Vegan Gluten Free Variety Care Package 22 items
Gina's Gourmet Case 12 pk.
B'cuz Gluten Free Maple Pecan Granola Bites 24 Bags., 3 oz. each
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De Nigris Organic Vinegar Bundle
Botticelli Premium Vegan Bolognese Pasta Sauce 6 x 24 oz. Jars
Taking Stock Foods Classic Chicken Bone Broth 6 pouches, 16 oz. ea.
Harney & Sons Tea Peppermint Tea 8 tins/20 sachets each
Dr. John's Healthy Sweets Chocolate Hard Candy 10 bags
TBJ Gourmet Black Peppercorn Bacon Jam 6 ct., 9 oz.
Poupart Bakery Double King Cake Strawberry & Cream Cheese Flavor Large 6 lb.
Fames Copper Butter Blend Log 3.25 lb.
Kitchen & Love Ready to Eat Vegan Jalapeno Roasted Pepper Quinoa 18 pk., 7.9oz. ea.
Snackvisit 12 oz. Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix 12 pk.
Yupik Oriental Almonds Lemon & Salt Flavored Nuts 6 bags, 2.2 lb. each
Cooper Street Twice Baked Cookies Cinnamon Chocolate Chip 12 bags., 5 oz. each
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Terrapin Ridge Farms Snack Collection 9 units of 4 to 13.5 oz. each
Admiral's Seafood Crazy 4 Crab Meal
The Cake Plate Tres Leches Cake 9 in., 4 lb.
The Providence Cookie Company Thank You Cookies 112 ct., 9.5 lb.
Pederson's Natural Farms Bacon & Sausage 4 lb. Variety Pack
Iron Mountain Coffee Direct Access Coffee Both Ways Blend 4 pk., 12 oz. each
Attman's Deli Backyard BBQ Hot Dog Kit
Poupart Bakery Double King Cake Bavarian Flavor Large 6 lb.
Terrapin Ridge Farms Jam Best Sellers 8 units of 10.5 to 11 oz each
Mama Geraldine's Variety Cookies 12 pk. of 6 oz. each
Grandma Emily Grain Free Blueberry Granola 9 oz., 8 pk.
Yupik Natural Almond Powder Flour 6 bags, 2.2 lb. each
Spudsy Vegan Cheesy Cheddar Sweet Potato Puffs 12 bags, 4 oz. each
Elan Organic Walnuts, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan Nuts 8 units, 5.3 oz. each
Yupik Toasted Coconut 6 bags, 2.2 lb. each
Deli Direct Best of the Best Cheese & Sausage Amazing Assortment
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Yupik Organic Chickpeas, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegan 6 bags, 2.2 lb. each
Wildbrine Organic Raw Green Kraut 6 units, 18 oz. each
Real Snacks Garlic & Herb Kosher Angus Beef Sticks 144 ct., 1.2 oz. ea.